Happy Ending

Happy Ending

Released on 21st November 2014.

A Hard core Commitment Phobic , running away from all the I Love You’s best describes Yudi. He may not have a problem with the phrase but the after effects of it are too much for him to handle. An author in his late 30’s, he’s suave, sophisticated and is enjoying his life whilst avoiding any kind of sticky love situations. His claim to fame being a single book written by him years ago which was an instant hit . He hasn’t managed to pen anything in many years since then as he doesn’t have to . He’s got everything that he always wanted – Fame, Money & Girls! Why exert yourself when you have everything you need ?

Especially not like his friend Montu , who fell in love with one woman & married her and then became an Oops father . Why tie yourself down to one woman when you have the buffet at your disposal!

Yudi thanks his lucky stars every time he thinks otherwise.
Sounds like a Happy Ending to us…. But don’t get carried away, it’s just the beginning! Yudis happy life is about to encounter a speed breaker as he’s out of both money & luck.

To make matters worse his ex-girlfriend who thinks she still is his girlfriend has him on a tight leash while he’s also trying to compete with Aanchal, A famous and talented love story writer. His only salvation comes in the form of his agent who gets him a gig to write a script for an upcoming Bollywood comedy. And the hero in this film? Action star extraordinaire Armaan who is looking to reinvent himself as a lover boy & has enough help from every famous cosmetic surgeon in the world.
So with such odds against him, what happens to Yudi ? Does love or a Happy Ending Exist at all?? Does he get his Happy Ending after all? “HAPPY ENDING” the Baap of all Romantic comedies which mocks love stories by pointing a finger at love, Puts all Romantic comedies to shame.


  • Saif Ali Khan
  • Ileana
  • Kalki Koechlin
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Rahul Nath
  • Shivani Tanksale
  • Govinda
  • Preity Zinta
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Sabrine Ferretti
  • Peter Tahoe
  • LaTrallo Presley
  • Dean Barlage
  • Kira Cahill
  • Mannie De Castro
  • Joseph Jerry Morton
  • Tupua Ainu’u
  • Lamesha Vine
  • Giancarlo Evola



  • Saif Ali Khan
  • Bala Rajasekharuni
  • Alan Noel Vega
  • Dinesh Vijan


  • Jigar
  • Sachin


  • Chase Bowman

Film Editing by

  • Arindam Ghatak

Casting by

  • Crystal Lujan

Production Design by

  • Paulette Georges

Set Decoration by

  • Heidi Strykiewicz

Costume Design by

  • Aline Hong


  • Shannon Bakeman

Production Management

  • Alan Chu

Assistant Directors

  • Alexander Armero
  • Chandra Pemmaraju
  • Pooja Kumar Raina
  • Jane E. Randall
  • Suyash Shukla
  • Alan Noel Vega

Art Department

  • Nash Dutton
  • Christopher Hohman
  • Sandhya Huchingson
  • Bryan LeBeuf
  • Antonio Martínez

Sound Department

  • Jordi Cirbian
  • Charles Gough

Visual Effects by

  • Slavik Anishchenko


  • David Anthony Buglione
  • Rozycki Jeremy
  • Danny Maze
  • Patrick Potochick
  • Eric Sweeney